Vending Machine Warnings

Posted July 16, 1999 at 2:15 am No Comments
normalmachine.jpg (23293 bytes) The Coke machine on the second floor of Wean Hall is adorned with a bright orange warning label.  It states that rocking or tilting the vending machine may cause the machine to fall over, resulting in serious injury or death.
The Pepsi machine features a similar label with a unique twist.  Apparently this machine is designed in such a way that people who attempt to rock or tip it will not only be crushed underneath, but will also be simultaneously electrocuted by a  multitude of lightning bolts directed at their brain.  Perhaps this is a sacred vending machine, protected under the surveillance of God, so that blasphemers who attempt to defile its holiness will be struck down by His wrath. deathmachine.jpg (25013 bytes)

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