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Posted April 15, 2004 at 6:15 pm 2 Comments

While â„¢ allows you to filter pornography and explicit sexual content from your search results using their “SafeSearch” feature, they do not provide a means to search exculsively for such adult material.

It’s a shame when someone searching for pornographic material related to, say, llamas, is forced to slog though many pages of perfectly innocuous llama sites before finally hitting upon the llama porn he was looking for.

And nobody who does a â„¢ search for “nice tits” wants to find a site like this one.

That’s why I built the new UNSAFE SEARCH. Go and check it out! The unsafe search works by performing two google queries, a normal query and a query with SafeSearch enabled. The set of “safe” results is then subtracted from the set of normal results to yield only “unsafe” entries.

I’ve found it particularly entertaining to search for something relatively inoffensive, like “cheese,” and see how many “unsafe” sites it produces. For example, did you know that of the more than 681,000 sites about midgets, only 316,000 are “safe”?

In general it’s interesting to compare the “safeness” of various search terms. This page shows some current statistics about Unsafe Search.


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  1. Hey, this is really cool! I’m disappointed with the few results I’m getting though– would you be able to make a version that uses more than one page of results?

    Also, I’m having trouble seeing why some of these sites are filtered. I know google can’t be perfect about things like this, but I’m curious what the criteria is.

    How did you make it, btw? Does it just parse the html output and diff it, or is there anything more intricate here?

    Comment by Nick — April 2, 2007 #

  2. This is great! I wish that you could do it for an image search! Ironically, I just found your site while searching under the word “mounting”. Sadly, all the “mounting” images I could find are totally safe. I was at least hoping for some animals mounting one another; doing it like they do it on the discovery channel, so to speak. I clicked on your page on the 11th page of results because I couldn’t tell what was going on, and there was a girl in the picture. It turns out that someone was mounting your marshmallow “art”.

    Comment by Gene — July 10, 2008 #

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