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slurpeestraw.jpg (13570 bytes)

The spoon-straw:
Truly a wonder of modern innovation.

The great thing about the slurpee-straw is its versatility.  It can be used as a straw when a straw is needed, or as a spoon when a spoon is more appropriate.  The same is true of the “spork”, which doubles as both a spoon and a fork.The similarity of the spork and the spoon-straw got me thinking: why not combine these two brilliant inventions into one utensil which could be used simultaneously as a spoon, a straw, and a fork?  This wonderful all-purpose  implement could be called the “spork-straw”.

“But wait,” I thought, “why stop there?”  Just think of all of the instruments that we use every day!  They’re practically begging to be combined into one Uber-Utensil!  Here’s a conceptual sketch:

superstraw.gif (9555 bytes)

You’re free to patent and sell this amazing apparatus.  All I ask is that you give me a small cut (say, five percent) of your profits.  Now aren’t you glad that you visited monzy.com today?

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