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The Carnegie Mellon Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) is held once a year in September. Over 160 companies attend the conference each year, setting up booths throughout the University Center and trying desperately to snatch up the graduating CS majors. For tips on succeeding at the TOC, check out Ethan’s new page.

College job fairs are a nice idea. They offer students a chance to present their credentials to prospective employers, while giving companies the opportunity to recruit qualified employees. Students offer résumés, employers advertise their company with brochures and merchandise giveaways, and both parties are able to benefit in the end.

Why doesn’t CMU extend this idea from the professional domain to the social and hold an annual “Woman Fair”? Women would set up booths at which they would advertise their desirability by distributing brochures, pens, stickers, and small flashlights. Males attending the fair would wait in line at the booths to present a “résumé” summarizing their accomplishments and character attributes. Later they would be invited to “interviews” via e-mail. I think that this idea could really catch on. Naturally, there could also be a “Man Fair”, but this wouldn’t work as well given CMU’s social climate.

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