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Posted October 9, 1998 at 9:00 am No Comments

Usually there are plenty of things to do on Friday nights, but not always.  Do you ever find yourself sitting around at home on a Friday night?  Don’t sweat it — is here to save you from boredom.  Here are a couple of great things to do:

  • Late-Night Slurpee Runs
    Remember, 7-11 is beckoning you from just down the street.  It’s open 24 hours, and the slurpee machine is functional for at least 20 of those hours.  If the slurpee machine happens to be in “defrost mode”, don’t worry — the recently installed “Café Coolatta” machine offers delectable frozen coffee beverages.  In addition, there are magazines to browse through and clerks who are always willing to carry on a stimulating conversation.

    Slurpee tip: when you first dispense the slurpee into your cup, there will be a lot of air in the cup along with slurpee.  To get the maximum slurpee per dollar, it helps to stir and shake while dispensing to ensure that the slurpee is packed tightly.  You may also want to “top off” the slurpee as you leave the store, since you’re bound to drink some while waiting in line to pay.

lateniteslurpee.jpg (18482 bytes)

20 ounces of frozen bliss.

  • Late-Night Cathedral Runs
    The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is a Gothic Revival skyscraper designed by architect Charles Z. Klauder.  Completed in 1937, it is the tallest school building in the western world, rising 535 feet (42 stories).

    After a few too many late-night slurpee runs, you may be looking for a way to burn off all those extra calories, right?  A Cathedral Run is the perfect solution.  It’s been a favorite pastime of my friends and I since the very first week of our freshman year.

    Jog to the cathedral as a warm-up.  Start in the sub-basement, and run as fast as possible up the stairs to the top.  Remember to pace yourself — the first 10 flights are easy, but by the time you’re on the 30th or so, it gets awfully painful.

    Unfortunately, the last 6 floors are inaccessible to the public, so you’ll have to stop at the 36th.  We’re not sure what’s on the top 6 floors, but our theory is that that’s where they carry out all of the top-secret army medical experiments on Pitt dropouts.

clpic.jpg (24407 bytes)

Daunting, yet beautiful.

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