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This Month's Survey:

A few weeks ago, I asked people to suggest topics for the November survey.  The best suggestion came from an anonymous professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota, who wrote:

Why not survey people to see if they crumple or fold their toilet paper before using it, and then see if there are any correlations -- gender, age, personality type, etc. -- that may provide clues to explain this behavior.

I found this to be a fantastic idea.  It's time that we searched for an answer to the age-old question: crumple or fold?  Although this survey represents only a brief foray into the sociological analysis of toilet paper usage, I hope that it will stimulate further research into this broad and fascinating field.

Please answer the following questions.

Do you typically fold or crumple your toilet paper before using it?

Fold    Crumple

What is your gender?

Male    Female

What is your age bracket?

0-9    10-18    19-26    >27

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