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Chris Moon needs a new Quake name, and not just any name will do.  A good Quake name commands respect.  It is clever, sophisticated, and powerful, and strikes fear into the hearts of opponents.  Let's review a few name suggestions and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Name Pros Cons
CMX These initials would stand for "Chris Moon X", just as initials of the well-known rapper DMX stand for "Dark Man X".  These letters sound pretty cool together. Nobody will actually know what the letters stand for.  It's kind of stupid when people pick random letters for a name just because they think they'll sound cool.
Ol' Dirty Moon Chris Moon is a big fan of the Old Dirty Bastard.  The Old Dirty Bastard is one of the best rappers of all time. Chris Moon doesn't actually have any relation to the Old Dirty Bastard, and in fact can't even keep a beat.
Assquake This name is powerful in that it alludes to the mighty tremors of an earthquake.  The "ass" suggests that it is not the ground, but rather the asses of competing players that will be rocked into oblivion.  And after all, the name of the game is Quake. Sounds pretty gay to me.  Chris Moon's retort: "When you think ass, you don't have to be so anal-centric!"
Baby Moonuga

Lisa insisted that I include this one.
She thought it was cute.

Classic childhood songs by Raffi don't instill fear in most people.  Chris Moon would be subject to such clever barbs as "Blow this out your spout, blubber head!" and "Where's your mama now, bitch?"  Possible response: "Hey, I'm just a little white Moon on the go!"
Scary Man Let's face it: Quake names are really stupid.  If a Quake player's name is "Lightning Bloody Chaos Marauder Black Angel of Certain Doom", chances are he is actually an overweight 12-year-old with thick glasses.  This name is funny because it mocks Quake names in general.

Scary Man?  Come on.

Which Quake name should Chris Moon choose?
Weigh your decision carefully, as Chris Moon has agreed to submit to the will of


Ol' Dirty Moon


Baby Moonuga

Scary Man

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