Sleeping Bag Weekend

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Every few weeks, the Carnegie Mellon Department of Admissions hosts an event called Sleeping Bag Weekend.  Prospective students come to visit the campus and room with current CMU students for the evening.  They generally sleep on the floor of a dorm room in a sleeping bag; hence the name of the event.  From the standpoint of a CMU student, the best part of Sleeping Bag Weekend is the opportunity to mess with the minds of the “baggers”, as the prospective freshmen are commonly called.  Sometimes the students take this a little too far, however.  In one incident last year, some students became annoyed with their bagger and tied him up headfirst inside his sleeping bag.  This wouldn’t have been all that bad except that the bagger felt threatened and decided to escape while the sleeping bag was still covering his head.  He was afraid to go back to the room, so for about an hour people kept reporting sightings of a bagger running around the dorm with a sleeping bag over his head, continually crashing into things.

Last year, the residents of our dorm came up with a number of elaborate ways of messing with baggers, but being the nice guys that we were, we never used any of them.  If you’re looking for some great pranks to play on baggers, you’ve come to the right place.

  • The Drug Addict Game
    The idea here is to give the bagger a really warped impression of the school by pretending that everyone does drugs all of this time.  Keep talking about the prices and sizes of various shipments of drugs that you’re expecting to receive.  Also perform detailed comparative analyses of the merits of a wide variety of different drugs.   If you have trouble doing this you might want to do some research first by watching a movie like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Remember: when you’re together with the bagger, never talk about anything except drugs.  Especially avoid the topic of academics.
  • Code Fight
    This game has a similar base concept.  You want to give the bagger a warped impression of CMU, only this time you want him to believe that everyone here is a huge nerd.  At various points throughout the evening, someone on the floor screams “CODE FIGHT!” at the top of their lungs.  Everyone on the floor runs to their computers as fast as they can, echoing the call by screaming “CODE FIGHT!” as they start up their compilers.  The person who initiated the code fight then announces a coding goal; for example: “PRIORITY QUEUE IMPLEMENTATION OF A HEAP SORT!”  Everyone then starts coding frantically, and whoever finishes the target task first is the winner.  It’s important that you completely ignore the bagger whenever a code fight is in progress.
  • Bizarre Cult
    Temporarily remove everything from a few rooms in your dorm.  Move the stuff into other rooms for storage.  This includes furniture, light fixtures, clothing, books, everything.  Then lock the rooms with the stuff and don’t let the baggers see them.  Cover the windows in the empty rooms with black drapes so everything is completely dark.  Then get everyone in your dorm to wear long flowing black robes and carry wooden staves.  Have them congregate in the empty rooms and sit in circles and chant for hours at a time.  This works best if you make up a fake language to speak in.  If the bagger says anything or tries to go to sleep, reprimand him harshly in the made-up language.  If he continues to protest, burn his sleeping bag in a ritualistic manner.

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