SETI Prank

Posted November 5, 1999 at 5:13 pm No Comments

Aren’t you getting kind of sick of that SETI@Home screen saver?  It was certainly a brilliant idea, but lately it’s been getting on my nerves.  I decided it was time to play a little prank.

Hmm… intelligent extraterrestrial life?
Maybe I’ll just hit “Cancel”.

Ten minutes later, after a bit of VB coding, I had this nifty little program running on a coworker’s computer (we’ll call him “Klif” to protect his identity).  It worked like a charm — when I came in the next morning, Klif told me rather excitedly that his computer had discovered extraterrestrial life.  “Unfortunately,” he said, “it locked up while it was sending the data back, but I sent an e-mail to SETI with the all of the information on my screen.”I bet somebody at Berkeley is laughing right now.

Join the revolution!  Find a friend or officemate who is running the SETI@Home screen saver and wait until he steps away from his computer.  Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Disable the SETI@Home screen saver in the Desktop Preferences control panel.

  2. Run SetiJoke.exe.

  3. Sit back and wait for the hilarity to unfold!

Doesn’t work?  You may have to install the VB runtime libraries.

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