Second Edition

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qnps.jpg (25584 bytes)
Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and
Applications, First Edition.

The other day I was thinking that it might be fun to take the quantum mechanics course offered at CMU.  It’s not that I really like quantum mechanics, it’s just that I think that I’d enjoy carrying the book around.  Just look at that book: anyone who is carrying it is absolutely guaranteed to look extremely intelligent.I suppose that I could borrow Casey’s copy and walk around displaying it prominently, but then I would feel like I was living in a lie.  And if anyone asked me complicated questions about particle physics I wouldn’t know any of the answers.  Not that they would know the answers either, but still… it just doesn’t seem right.

olddisks.jpg (15689 bytes)
This disk came in the back
of Casey’s textbook.

I changed my mind when I saw the new edition.  In an apparent effort to sell more copies, an advertisement on the front cover announces a free disk of pornographic images included with the book.  I suppose that Dr. McGervey reasoned that he was making quantum mechanics more accessible to the masses.  The problem is that now instead of screaming of intelligence, the cover screams of indecency.  Too bad.

qps.jpg (26387 bytes)
Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and
Applications, Second Edition.

newdisks.jpg (17417 bytes)
This disk came in the back
of Brendan’s textbook.

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