Satan Baby

Posted June 14, 1999 at 2:12 am No Comments
Do you remember the huge “Dancing Baby” craze that occurred a couple of years ago?  Well if you thought that that was big, wait until the “Satanic Baby” craze takes off!That’s right, the Satanic Baby!  Smiling a cute baby smile, he wiggles his chubby little arms and exclaims “I am the spawn of Satan!   Fear my wrath!” in a harsh demonic rasp.

Jason and Stephanie built the Satan Baby and put him in our lab.  If you want to build your own Satan Baby, just follow the instructions below.

satanbaby.jpg (11739 bytes)
Awww… isn’t he cute?

step1.jpg (9552 bytes) Step 1:Start with a “Baby Tub O’ Love”.

This adorable little rubber doll is available at your local Toys ‘R Us.

step2.jpg (10306 bytes) Step 2:Go to the hardware store and purchase a string of red Christmas lights.
step3.jpg (10950 bytes) Step 3:Remove the doll’s head.  Stuff the string of bulbs inside the head and body of the doll.
step4.jpg (9973 bytes) Step 4:Put the head back on and plug in the lights.   Congratulations!  Your Satanic Baby is now complete!
Satanic Baby is tons of fun to play with.  I like to spin his head all the way around and make him say cute things like “I will engulf your soul in a black inferno of death and despair!” and “Bow to the whims of my master Beelzebub or you will suffer eternal torment such as no mortal has experienced!”For added enjoyment, add a blinker bulb to the series of lights to make portions of Satanic Baby blink rhythmically.

blinkbaby.gif (19586 bytes)
“Bwahahaha!  The devil
will consume your spirit
in a fiery halo of doom!” 

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