Physiological Training

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This morning we awoke bright and early to begin our physiological training, arriving at Space Center Houston just in time for the morning roll call.  After answering the call for Carnegie Mellon University with a rousing “WHAZZZZUUUUUP!” we boarded the transport to Johnson Space Center, where we would be taking a series of classes on high altitude flight.  To document the events of the day, I decided that I would take a series of vignettes of the various items passing through my and Peter’s hands.  For example, here are pictures of the books that Peter and I read in the car on the way to Space Center Houston:

My morning reading.

Peter’s morning reading.

Mike Fox, NASA instructor, discusses the vestibular system.

In the next few hours, we were given a series of lectures by various NASA personnel, on topics ranging from decompression sickness to the balance mechanisms in the inner ear.  We were given a thick packet of course materials, the pages of which we were expected to mark with notes.

A page from my notes.

The corresponding page from Peter’s notes.

Peter and Kate take a little nap.

I was passing the Penguins up and down our row, but it wasn’t long before interest started to wane and sleepiness took hold.  Luckily we were able to break for lunch at noon to eat some sandwiches and recaffeinate before our flight readiness exam.

Here’s a look at our exams:

My completed exam.
Peter’s exam.

Finally, after the course had ended and we were awarded training certificates, we were asked to fill out course evaluation forms.

My course evaluation form.
Peter’s course evaluation form.

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