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The evening after graduation, I rented out the Panther Hollow Inn for a party and bought the first 60 pitchers of beer. I had won a cash prize in the Motorola Software Solutions Competition, and decided that there was no better use for the money than to convert it directly to Yuengling. A remarkable number of people showed up.  There were even some distinguished guests from out of town, like Vince, Kristi, Alison, Fiona, and Ethan. We blew through the 60 pitchers in record time.

It was a great opportunity to say goodbye to all my friends before they skipped town, but unfortunately I was a little too inebriated to do this very effectively. Things took a turn for the worse when Vince bought me a double shot of Wild Turkey, a drink that has been aptly described as the portal to hell.


Nevertheless, the party was great fun, and I wish that I had thought to do it earlier in the semester. I received the largest toast I’ve ever seen — there must have been more than a hundred people raising their glasses. I learned that there’s really no faster way to gain popularity than to provide free beer.

I’m not sure where the flower in my ear
came from.  I don’t remember that part.

Winner of the charming facial expressions contest.
Carnegie Mellon isn’t renowned for its party scene, but I’ve had some great times here. It makes me wonder what things will be like in grad school. I’m hoping that the fun will be out there somewhere, even at MIT.

It appears that the flower has now switched ears.
That nametag I’m wearing is also a mystery.
I’m glad someone was there to take pictures.

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