Parisian Playgrounds

Posted April 6, 1999 at 2:05 am 2 Comments

I think that one of the cool things about France is that there aren’t quite so many lawyers. The playground at the Jardin des Tuileries featured rides that park officials in the United States would never let fly for fear of massive lawsuits.

jardin1.jpg (25834 bytes)

This thing was sort of a ring of trampolines.  Kids would file in the doors at one end, climb onto the trampolines, and do all kinds of crazy stunts like spins and backflips.  Shawn and I were just waiting for some poor kid to miss the trampoline on the way down and smack his head.  I wanted to ride the trampolines but I figured I was probably too old.

jardin2.jpg (37486 bytes) We called this one the “Wheel of Death”.  Kids would climb up the ropes and ladders on the side of this pole while it spun around rapidly.  It seemed like it was designed to throw children off of the ropes and onto the asphalt below.
This is the “Return of the Wheel of Death”.  It’s a typical rotating merry-go-round, except that the wheel is skewed about 30 degrees on the rotational axis.   It definitely looks like it would be easy to fall off of this thing once it started spinning rapidly enough.  There aren’t even any handles.You can see the original “Wheel of Death” in the background, with a young boy perched precariously on top. jardin3.jpg (28033 bytes)


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  1. Those things would be banned in the US.

    Comment by Mr. Beer Belly — January 29, 2007 #

  2. Yes but notice there’s actually a bunch of kids playing!!!! Certainly better than hanging in malls and on the streets!

    Comment by Tracy — July 19, 2007 #

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