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Posted September 24, 1998 at 9:00 am No Comments

Today I’d like to offer a tribute to other Monzies on the WWW. “Other Monzies?” you may be asking incredulously, “how could there be more than one Monzy?” Such is the wonder of the internet.

  • www.monz.com
    This website is a disgrace to Monzies everywhere. I’m just including it for completeness. If you speak German, send this guy some e-mail and complain. If he’s going to register a top-level domain name he should set up his site properly.
  • www.monza.com
    This one isn’t much better, but it has potential. Apparently Monza is some sort of German automotive company. Maybe they’ll fix up their site soon.
  • www.monzanet.it
    This is the home of the Monza autodrome, a prime location for auto races since 1922. Each year the Monza autodrome hosts the immensely popular Italian Grand Prix.
  • comune.monza.mi.it
    This page describes what’s going on in the lively southern Italian village of Monza. I don’t speak Italian myself, but thanks to the power of the Babelfish Translator (featured in my September 11 Update), we can understand the thoughts of the Monza city officials perfectly:
    The Communal Administration of the City of Monza, engaged
  • to render the own structures more and more efficient and
  • to offer integrated services,

with its SITUATED OFFICIAL it wants to contribute to:

  • to maintain and to disclose the own identity,
  • democratically to widen the spaces of autonomy and every creativity of single visitor,
  • to indicate and to constitute for its concittadini a sure port after one navigation without guideline.

Noble goals for a noble city, if you ask me.

  • palace-inn.com
    Coming to visit me at college? Why not stay at Al Monzo’s Palace Inn? It’s located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, just minutes from the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, and offers the best of classic “Old World” charm and modern conveniences. “Our rooms and facilities,” Al Monzo claims, “have been tailored to meet the demanding needs of the professional traveler. From the time of your arrival, our gracious staff will be pleased to assist in making your stay most enjoyable.”
  • www.monzi.com
    This website was pointed out to me by my uncle, Russell Aminzade. I saved it for last because it’s definitely the most interesting. Robert Monzi, the site’s owner, is an actor and model who was featured in the July 1998 centerfold of Playgirl Magazine. At his website, he sells autographed nude pictures of himself. What a great idea! I should do the same. Look for a Monzy Vs. Monzi page here before too long.

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