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Posted October 8, 1998 at 9:00 am No Comments

Yesterday I was looking through the survey logs and I noticed the following entry:


The entry indicated that on Wednesday, October 7, at 6:53 AM, someone at the IP address had voted for Robert Monzi in the survey.

“That’s strange,” I thought, “the IP address is from outside of Carnegie Mellon.”  I immediately looked it up:



“Hmm,” I thought, “their internet service provider is   Could that have been Robert Monzi himself?”  A quick lookup using whois proved me correct:


Domain Name: MONZI.COM

Administrative Contact:
Daniel V. Belfontaine (DV63-ORG) dvblfntn@CRIS.COM

Domain servers in listed order:

Visiting, I found that it was indeed the home of Concentric Networks Internet Services.

“That’s neat,” I thought, “Robert voted for himself.”  A few days ago my roommate had sent e-mail to Robert Monzi informing him of the survey, so I had actually been expecting a visit.

Today my roommate received the following e-mail from Robert Monzi:

Just a quick note that I found the survey interesting. I would like to take just a moment to advise you that the photos on my web site are copywrited by Playgirl Enterprises, Caqti Cosmetics and myself. You might want to advise your friend to remove them very soon. The fines for illegal use of copywrited material are quite substantial. Fortunately you sent me this email and gave me your name, your friend’s name and the school you attend. I don’t think it would take Playgirl’s or Caqti’s lawyers or mine for that matter very long to locate your friend and initiate legal action.

Let me assure you that I won’t take any legal action as long as the photos are removed by Friday of this week. I cannot speak for Playgirl. They may decide to pursue your friend on their own. They generally monitor the web on a regular basis for just this type of copywrite infringement.

I will check the site on Friday to see if the survey is still there. Understand that I am not mad about what your friend did. I actually think is was done without malicious intent. I just have to protect my “ass”ets and those of the companies that pay me to represent them. My image is my livelihood so please don’t give it away.


At Robert’s demand, his photos have been removed from the survey page.

I’m sure that Robert would welcome polite responses at

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