Messing Up Lyrics

Posted November 23, 1998 at 1:44 am No Comments

Probably one of the best ways to annoy people is to mess up the words to songs.  It works particularly well when you pick a really common song that everyone is familiar with.   One of the games that Ethan and I would play last summer was called “Make People Think You’re a Moron by Screwing Up Song Lyrics, but Secretly Laugh at Them Because Really You’re Not a Moron”.  It would work sort of like this:

Dan: Hey, have you heard that song that goes, “Listerine!   Woulda been easier!  Listerine!”
Scott: Uh, Dan?  That’s “Glycerine” by Bush.
Ethan: My favorite song on the radio these days is the one where that guy sings “Save tonight, fight the Krake of Lawn…”
Scott: He says “fight the break of dawn”, dude.  Not “Krake of Lawn”.
Ethan: No, man, it’s the “Krake of Lawn”.  It’s this big Japanese monster.  He’s going to fight it, so that’s why he says “come tomorrow I’ll be gone.”  The Krake of Lawn is going to eat him.
Scott: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  What the hell are you on?

You can drag this game on for almost a half hour if you’re good enough.  The problem is that you have to be careful who you play it with.  It doesn’t seem to work very well with certain people, Harry in particular.  Here’s what I mean:

Ethan: Hey Harry, do you know that cool song that goes “and here’s the cheese, Señor Grovington…”
Harry: Oh yeah!  I love that song!  Here’s the cheese, Señor Grovington, heaven makes the place there in the hay, it’s for the kids, Joe Dimaggio…
Ethan: Uh… yeah.   Heh heh.

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