Magnetic Poetry Remainders

Posted July 8, 1999 at 2:13 am No Comments

Ethan and I recently paid a visit to “QED”, my favorite shop at the Monroeville Mall.  It sells things like logic puzzles, Frisbees, Wallace & Gromit videos, magic sets, brainteaser books… in short, everything that appeals to pretentious geeks like me.  QED will always have a special place in my heart because it was the store at which I purchased my first Rubik’s Cube.

I noticed that QED was having a clearance sale on some of its more obscure Magnetic Poetry Kits.  These were the kits that were so bizarre that nobody wanted them, kits like “Golf Talk”, “Dog Talk”, and “UFO Talk”.   Since I couldn’t resist the “Buy One, Get One Free” offer, I opted for “UFO Talk” and “Dog Talk”, adding them to my shopping basket.

poemcover.jpg (31631 bytes)
My new Magnetic Poetry Kits, one canine-themed
and the other extraterrestrial-themed.

I’m really excited to have all of these poetry tiles for my refrigerator, but I’m a little concerned about the quality of the poems that will result from the theming of the kits.  My roommates and I may find it difficult to write about anything other than  paranormal cocker spaniel warlocks from Area 51.  Here’s the first poem I wrote:

poem.jpg (20560 bytes)

At least now I can write a poem describing my kidnapping by veterinarian-worshipping telekinetic dachshund werewolf yetis.  That’s why I haven’t updated in so long — I blame those fucking supernatural bigfoot dachshunds.

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