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Posted September 15, 1998 at 9:00 am 1 Comment

My desk is right next to my bed, so some mornings I’ll reach over to my computer to check my email without actually sitting up.  It’s kind of fun, but it’s pretty much impossible to use the keyboard, since you can’t see any of the keys and your angle is all wrong.  However, this gave rise to an interesting game: trying to get to a particular website using only the mouse.  If you start out at a web index like Yahoo, it’s not that difficult to eventually arrive at most sites by simply browsing the directories.  But what if you start at a site like Metacrawler?  This gave me an idea for an even better game: starting out at the official  Microsoft web site, attempt to arrive at a site containing pornographic material.  It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult: follow an external link, find an external link from that site to a slightly less reputable site, and so on… but so far I’ve been unable to do it.  So that is my challenge of the day: using only the mouse to click on links, can you navigate from Microsoft’s site to a porn site?  If you figure out how, send me e-mail or post to the guestbook listing the links you followed, and you’ll win a special prize.  Using bookmarks or the navigation toolbar is not allowed.

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  1. This is pretty easy 10 years later. -> support -> technet -> blogs -> web 2.0 expo (tag) -> find article with link to web 2.0 expo official site -> slashdot -> find article with link to wikipedia in the comments (you could always pick a goatse troll too 😉 ) -> hit random until a page in a category -> Special:Categories -> Fe -> Female Porn Stars…

    Comment by Ewan Marshall — December 1, 2008 #

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