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Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt. It is SO BIG.

When we visited the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, we noticed a booth in the main lobby that was advertised as a “fully automated self-service recording studio.” It was called a “Kareoske“, which I suppose is an abbreviated name for a “karaoke kiosk”. For twenty dollars, you and your friends could enter the booth and record a personalized music video with your choices of song and background.Dave and I decided that we wanted to put our singing and dancing skills to the test. We took up a collection, and since most of our friends were eager to see us make fools of ourselves in front of a camera, we had soon pulled together enough money to enter the Kareoske recording booth.

I was faced with the song selection, and after some deliberation, I chose the classic rap hit “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Dave selected the background, a rodeo cowboy theme that would have been much more appropriate had it accompanied a song by LeAnn Rimes. We stepped in front of the green chromakey screen and gulped as the door locked behind us.

Making a music video wasn’t as effortless as the professionally recorded sample clips showcased on the booth’s exterior had led us to believe. When Dave and I lost the beat, we started laughing at ourselves, and didn’t know where to begin again. Most of our music video consisted of short periods of attempted rapping, followed by spurts of laughter and long lapses of awkward silence. After a while we just gave up on the words and concentrated on the dancing.Download this awesome clip to see two extremely white guys performing their rendition of a classic rap video. Unfortunately, somewhere in the recording, capturing, digitizing, and conversion process, the audio track lost its synchronization with the video, so the last 30 seconds of our reel have the feel of a poorly dubbed foreign film. Luckily, the video is so bad to begin with that it doesn’t really matter.

A word to the thick soul sisters, country style.

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