Inexpensive Rush Events

Posted September 3, 1998 at 8:00 am No Comments

In the continued spirit of stealing Ethan’s ideas to provide fodder for my daily updates, here is an interesting topic: inexpensive fraternity rush events. Suppose that you want to start a new fraternity, but you don’t have much money. Until you get people to pledge and pay you fraternity dues, you still won’t have much money. But you can’t get pledges without spending money on rush events like bowling and baseball games! Sounds like a vicious cycle, right? Wrong.

Traditional fraternity rush events are expensive, but they don’t have to be. Here are some suggestions for rush events that are sure to keep you within budget:

  • Forty and Blunt
    A common rush event for fraternities at Carnegie Mellon is “Forties and Blunts”. The basic idea here is that the fraternity brothers and the prospective pledges get together at the fraternity house to drink forties and smoke blunts. Naturally, the official rush event calendar never says “Wednesday: Forties and Blunts”; instead a clever euphemism is used such as “Wednesday: Fun Nite”.

    The concept behind “Forty and Blunt” is that it preserves the spirit of “Forties and Blunts”, but is much less expensive. Instead of purchasing beer and marijuana in large quantities, you need only purchase one bottle and one blunt. You then pass the bottle and blunt around, so that everyone can take a tiny sip of the forty and a tiny hit off the blunt.

    Still sound too expensive? How about “Forty and Cigarette”, or even better, “Can of Beer and Used Cigarette”?

  • Ritter’s
    Another common thing for fraternities to do is to take their pledges to Hooters for chicken wings. Since each order of 10 chicken wings costs $4.95, this sort of thing can add up quickly in cost. As an alternative, try visiting Ritter’s, a small neighborhood diner. Although they don’t serve chicken wings, they do offer excellent pierogies, an order of which can be purchased for for only $2.50! Sounds like a deal to me.

  • Beers of Milwaukee
    CMU fraternities often hold a “Beers of the World” rush event, during which pledges are offered a choice of quality beers and ales from around the world. Unfortunately, drinks such as Corona, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Guinness are quite expensive. Instead, why not offer selections from Milwaukee, such as Milwaukee Light, Milwaukee Ice, and Milwaukee’s Best? These beers can be purchased in convenient packs of 12 for only $4.99.

  • Fun With Toilet Paper
    Are all of these ideas still a little bit outside of your price range? No problem! Here’s an event that’s absolutely free. Make a trip to the public bathrooms around campus and collect some rolls of toilet paper in a bag. Then, when your potential pledges come to visit, play with the toilet paper! This is a great activity because it really allows you to bond with the prospective pledges in a creative atmosphere.
mikepaper.jpg (14940 bytes)

Mike Gerome, demonstrating the
“Fun With Toilet Paper” rush event.

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