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The international “no” symbol (a circle crossed with a line) is universally understood. Restroom symbols for “men” and “women” are also quite standardized. But how does one capture an intricate concept like “motion sickness” in a simple and understandable visual representation?

parksign0.jpg (17339 bytes) We noticed this warning sign while we were waiting in line for the “Back to the Future” attraction at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. It advises individuals susceptible to motion discomfort not to board the ride. Unfortunately, this message is not particularly well conveyed by the symbolic depiction. Looking at the picture, my first guess as to the sign’s meaning was “Don’t vomit off the side of the boat into the ocean!” And nowhere on the ride did we see a boat or a life preserver.I love how the little round-headed iconographic man vomits tiny circles.
More great moments in American iconography: this sign advises pregnant women to avoid the ride. Isn’t it cute how the conventional dress-wearing iconographic woman has a tiny iconographic boy figure gestating inside her womb?You can tell that the infant is a boy because he’s not wearing a dress. parksign1.jpg (13123 bytes)

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