High Risk Gaming

Posted September 1, 1998 at 8:00 am No Comments

Ethan has gotten into this new idea of “high-risk gaming” lately. You know how he gets into these crazy ideas? Well, his plan is to play the following “game”:

  1. Take a bottle of Goldschlager out in front of the fraternity quad on a Saturday night and walk up near the cluster of police officers that are always standing on Morewood Avenue.
  2. Open the bottle and shout “Hey! Look, all you fat campus cops! An open bottle of alcohol! Isn’t that illegal? And I’m also under the legal drinking age!”
  3. Run like hell. Try to lose them in the mazelike towers of Morewood Gardens.
edfriday.jpg (15434 bytes)

Ethan attempting to walk a straight line;
Dan trying to touch his nose

This sounds like it would actually be an incredibly entertaining game, were it not for the possibility of a jail sentence, as well as the detrimental effects of the Goldschlager on your running ability. One possibility would be to practice on your friends who are only pretending to be campus police, e.g. “Hey! Look, Harry! I am drinking a bottle of Cuervo right in front of your face! Try to arrest me, you silly officer of the law!”

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