Freeway Elephants

Posted June 21, 1999 at 2:12 am No Comments

You know what would be cool?  Big friendly elephants on the side of the highway.  The elephants would have lots of fresh fruit, and they would be specially trained so that whenever a car drove by with a brightly colored “E” flag attached to the antenna, they would toss some fruit at the car.  Here’s a picture:

elephantfood.jpg (24957 bytes)
This is my plan for fruit-tossing trained highway assistance elephants.

See, whenever you were driving along the interstate and suddenly felt hungry, you could simply take your “E” flag out of the glove compartment and Velcro it onto the antenna.  Then you could roll down the car windows and before you knew it you’d have a nice healthy snack.  Obviously, it would help to have a passenger in the car with you to catch the fruit; that way you could concentrate on driving.  So this plan definitely encourages carpooling.

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