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Posted April 23, 1999 at 2:06 am No Comments
Despite my stupid jokes on Wednesday, I really think that the new 50 States Quarters Program is pretty cool.  As Congress put it, the program is a good way to “honor the unique Federal republic of 50 States that comprise the United States” and to “promote the diffusion of knowledge among the youth of the United States about the individual States, their history and geography, and the rich diversity of the national heritage.”  My main gripe with the program is that all of the designs so far have been boring.  Oooh, an oak tree for Connecticut.  Oooh, a peach for Georgia.  Big frickin’ deal.  Can’t anyone come up with anything more creative?

ct_winner_oakwall.gif (16192 bytes)
The new Connecticut state quarter.

ga_winner_peach.gif (15846 bytes)
The Georgia State Quarter.

submitdesign.gif (2555 bytes) That’s when I noticed that the United States Mint is taking design submissions!   That’s right, anyone can design a quarter representing their state and turn it in to the state governor for consideration as the official quarter design.  There isn’t any prize if your design is selected, but imagine the honor of having your design featured on thousands of units of currency that will circulate for decades to come!
The US Mint even provides budding quarter designers with an easy-to-use quarter template.  I decided that I would have to enter some designs.  You can see pictures of the designs that I submitted below.

template.gif (4594 bytes)
Blank quarter template, provided by
the United States Mint.

coin_mn.gif (8907 bytes)

coin_ca.gif (13356 bytes)

coin_ia.gif (13080 bytes)

coin_al.gif (7418 bytes)

coin_tx.gif (9909 bytes)

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