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Have you seen the new twenty dollar bill yet?  I sure was surprised when I got one today from the ATM.  Apparently it has some sophisticated new anti-counterfeiting measures built in, such as a band that glows green under ultraviolet light and a large, complex watermark.  Doesn’t it look silly though?  Check out that giant “20” in the bottom right-hand corner on the back.  It reminds me of monopoly money. Also, the picture of Andrew Jackson looks a lot like a caricature. 20dollars.jpg (19492 bytes)

Now that they’ve come out with new counterfeit-resistant bills in denominations of 100 dollars, 50 dollars, and 20 dollars, what is a poor counterfeiter to do? These days, one’s counterfeiting options are becoming severely limited. That’s why you, the aspiring counterfeiter, have to strike now, before it’s too late! Start creating counterfeit ten-dollar bills. Remember, the ten is one of the only remaining susceptible denominations. In fact, the recent rash of redesigned bills will make the ten that much easier to counterfeit — instead of thinking that your 10 dollar bill is suspect, shopkeepers will assume it’s one of the “new 10’s”.

To help you out, I’ve created a template for you to use to create your counterfeit bills. Simply print out the following two images, cut them out along the lines, and staple them together back to back. Voila! A new ten-dollar bill. Just remember: if you get caught, you didn’t get this from me.

Front of bill:
billfront.jpg (28870 bytes)
Back of bill:
billback.jpg (29896 bytes)

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