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Posted March 10, 1999 at 2:03 am No Comments
slushees.jpg (23503 bytes) So what is with the slush drink pricing scheme at SuperAmerica, anyway?   I can’t help but marvel at its stupidity.
Let’s see… I could buy a 44 ounce cup for $2.49… or I could buy a 32 ounce cup and a 12 ounce cup for only $2.18.The price per ounce is supposed to decrease as the size increases, isn’t it?  So why does it suddenly skyrocket when we get to the 44 ounce size?

sign.gif (19314 bytes)

The slush drink prices at SuperAmerica.

Size Cents per Ounce
12 oz 5.75
16 oz 5.56
20 oz 4.95
32 oz 4.46
44 oz 5.57

I pointed this out to the clerk, but it didn’t seem to bother her as much as it bothered me.  I think that she had already decided to ignore me after I complained to her about the sign on the donut case.  The sign read:

Try one of our long johns!  Chocolate-filled or white-filled!

I complained that “white” was supposed to be an adjective, not a noun.  She told me that it could be both.  “Well, what exactly is white, then?” I asked.  “You know,” she answered, “it’s like, white.”

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