Cold Beverage

Posted November 16, 1998 at 1:42 am No Comments

So who wants to help me decipher the lyrics to the song “Cold Beverage” by G Love and Special Sauce? The beginning is easy to figure out:

Yo – could I get a cold beverage, I need some leverage;
It’s sunny outside, some lemonade would be nice,
Or a Sprite from the drive through at B.K.

Yo I’ll buy girl a drink but girls got to pay.

On the front porch, I got some iced tea,
If you like the taste of tea then come along with me.

That’s when it gets tricky. What does he say next? It sounds sort of like:

Summertime is human, don’t give me no bug,
Blast some ice and a doggoned thug.

I’m not sure if that makes much sense though. With a little creative license you could probably spin it into something like:

Summer time is humid, don’t give me no Bud
Blast some ice and a Diet Coke for you.

This seems more in keeping in touch with the song’s themes, but I don’t think it’s correct.

I’ve always considered myself pretty good at transcribing songs, mostly because of all of the practice I had in high school trying to figure out what the hell the Mad Stuntman was shouting during the song “I Like To Move It” by Reel 2 Real. With the help of some friends I was able to rise to that formidable challenge, but now, despite the lack of a Jamaican accent on the part of G Love, I’m stumped. Listen to the song and give me your input.

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