Coding Frenzy

Posted September 17, 1998 at 9:00 am No Comments

Dude, I love it when you have one of those coding frenzies where nothing goes wrong.   Have you ever had one of those?  I think that programming is sort of like bowling: you have your good days and your bad days.  On your bad days, you have all these stupid linker errors and shit, which are the programming equivalent of gutterballs.   And then when it compiles and you get some kind of fucking segmentation fault, that’s like one of those 7-10 splits.  But on your good days, you just hit F7 and BAM!  Sort of like getting a turkey.  How come they don’t have programming shoes?  They have shoes for bowling, and it’s not as if bowling is really much more athletic.

So anyway, check out some of my programming projects if you’re interested:

  • WebAmp is a WWW interface to a WinAmp-powered “jukebox”.  At my research lab, I hooked up a computer to the local network and filled its hard drive with MP3s.  I then hooked it up to some big speakers so that it could function as our group’s “jukebox”.  Only one problem remained: in order to control the jukebox, we had to leave our computers.  Solution?  A web page through which we could control WinAmp on the jukebox computer.  The WebAmp interface is essentially an image map which sends messages to a CGI script on the jukebox computer.  These messages are processed by the script and an appropriate message is posted to WinAmp’s window procedure.  WebAmp currently resides here.  But remember: this thing is active!  Don’t fuck with it too much or you’ll annoy us while we’re trying to listen to music.
  • New Alice modules.  Naturally, these will only work if you’re running Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer on a Windows PC and you have the latest version of the Alice plug-in installed on your machine.  Not familiar with Alice?   It’s a rapid-prototyping tool for interactive 3D graphics on the web, developed here at CMU by my research group, Stage 3.

You might also want to check out my new merchandise page by clicking the button on the left.

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