Chicken Separators

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Have you ever read the ingredients label on a Slim Jim? In case you haven’t, an image of the label is shown below. Doesn’t the second ingredient on the list sort of stand out?

slimjim.gif (15482 bytes)

That got Ethan and I thinking: what exactly would a chicken separation machine look like?

chicksep.gif (4204 bytes)
Monzy’s rendition of a
chicken separator.

I envision the chicken separator as a box with cones at each end. The chicken enters on one side, and a bunch of whirring, clicking, and squawking is heard emanating from the box. Several minutes later, a pile of separated chicken parts drops out of the bottom of the machine.

chick2.gif (5690 bytes)
Ethan’s rendition of a chicken separator.

Ethan sees the chicken separator more as a device for separating whole chickens. The separator consists of a number of large mechanical arms; these arms push families of chickens apart, separating them to opposite sides of the pen, sort of like the process that occurred at Nazi concentration camps.

What do you think? Which chicken separator do you like best?

Monzy’s Chicken Box Ethan’s Chicken Arm

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