Cancun Farewell

Posted March 30, 2000 at 5:39 pm 2 Comments
Today somebody broke into our room, and the circumstances surrounding the whole event can only be described as extremely shady.  We returned to our hotel room to find the door broken and all of our bags opened up, as if someone had rapidly searched through every pouch and pocket.  The strange thing was that nothing was missing; the burglars could have stolen my laptop, MP3 player, digital camera, and Handspring Visor, but instead they left it all behind.  I suppose they were only looking for cash.

Looks like someone took a
crowbar to our doorframe.

Beach crowd at the Corona festival. 

We went down to the front desk of the hotel to complain, where we were surprised to discover that the hotel manager already knew about the broken door.”Ah, I’m glad you came to see me about that,” he said.  “You will need to pay us one hundred dollars to repair the damages.”

“I don’t think you understand,” Matt told him, somewhat taken aback.  “See, we didn’t break our door.  Someone broke into our room.”

“Well,” said the manager with a shrug, “that is not my concern.  Your room contract stated that you would be responsible for any damages to the room.”

This wasn’t exactly the reaction we had expected.  Perhaps the manager had a right to be miffed about the cost of the broken door, but normally one would suspect that a hotel manager would also be somewhat concerned about the security and well-being of his guests.  Not to mention that there was no way that a replacement lock could possibly cost a hundred dollars.

Feeling somewhat ridiculous, we began to barter with the manager until we had talked him into reducing our door repair contribution to a twenty dollars.  When the negotiations had been completed, he grinned, shook hands with Matt, and told us that there were shots of tequila waiting for us at the bar.

“We appreciate the gesture,” I told him, “but frankly, we’re not in the mood for tequila right now.”

My guess is that the whole operation was an inside job.  After all, why had the thieves singled out our room in particular?  Probably because some members of the hotel staff had seen me sliding a couple of twenties into my suitcase pouch the day before, which I had subsequently removed.  It was frustrating to think that our belongings weren’t safe in our hotel room.  What was I supposed to do, bring my Toshiba Tecra to Senor Frog’s?  I was also somewhat upset that the manager felt he could gloss over the entire incident with a few glasses of tequila.  Perhaps he’s more used to dealing with people who spend their entire spring break in a state of heavy intoxication.

What spring break would be complete without a
wet t-shirt contest?  This one was straight out of
something on MTV.

One Corona, Two Corona, Three Corona, Floor.

In the end, I was glad to leave Cancun.  I wouldn’t give up the experience, but I also don’t think I would return.  Next year I’ll forego the mechanical bulls and poolside bars, and instead do something a little more relaxed.  It’s not that I don’t like foam parties or booze cruises, but sometimes all I really want to do is sit at home and play Scrabble.

Here’s something I had never seen before: a spanking contest.
After sixty seconds, the winner was the contestant with the reddest ass.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your room break in and the response from the manager is terrible! It seems that in Cancun during spring break all the rules change, unfortunately for the worst.

    At least you experienced it though. For me living here its the worst time of year and unfortunately the kids don’t bring much money to the area either.

    Scrabble sounds good sometimes…

    Comment by Cancun Vacations — June 22, 2009 #

  2. 🙂 At least you can check it off the list of things to do when you’re young! Been there, done that…why don’t you try like a conservation project or something next time…something a bit different.

    Comment by Tulum — November 25, 2009 #

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