Brunswick Hacking

Posted October 3, 1998 at 9:00 am No Comments
hackers.jpg (19076 bytes)

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of bowling alley
employees like a team of malicious computer hackers,
particularly when they’re proficient in SML.

Today is Seth Mandel‘s birthday. Happy birthday, Seth! We went bowling to celebrate. In the picture on the left, you see Ethan and I using the skills we’ve learned in our computer science classes to hack into the Brunswick 2000 bowling computer. We’re both used to reading assembly code for Alpha and x86 processors, so understanding the instruction set for the Brunswick 2000 platform proved tricky. Adding to the difficulty was the fact that the Brunswick had a QWERTY keyboard, and Ethan is used to the Dvorak key mapping. However, we were eventually able to infect the nationwide network of bowling scoring machines with a virus ensuring that anyone who enters the initials “ETB” or “DMA” will bowl strikes in every frame. Also, whenever anyone bowls a perfect game, the screen will display the message “GREETZ TO: P4C3, 3TH3R, 83R50N” in blinking yellow text.

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