Rollin' My Own (Sushi) My real name is Dan, but a lot of people call me Monzy. This is my not-so-frequently-updated blog. If you’d like to complain about my lack of updates, you should note that at least I have finally migrated all of my old entries to WordPress, enabling people to comment on and link to my individual updates. This is nothing special, but keep in mind that I started this blog way back in 1998, before I had access to things like “CSS” or “RSS” or “PHP” or “maturity.”

Truth be told, I still have some progress to make on that fourth one, but now at least my childish humor is presented in a 21st century format, with background colors that are slightly less tacky. When I first started monzy.com, I remember being proud of the fact that my newest updates were placed at the top of the page rather than at the bottom, so that visitors wouldn’t have to scroll down to see the newest content. We were all a little naive back then.

So you should at least respect the fact that I painstakingly pasted all of my old hand-edited raw HTML back into carefully timestamped blog entries. Because I’m sure that everyone wants to read the stupid ideas about roadside elephants that I wrote seven years ago, or the anecdote from my sophomore year of undergrad about the time I mixed vodka with my Wild Berry Slurpee and it made me vomit.

– Monzy

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