A Rough Week

Posted January 27, 1999 at 1:52 am No Comments

Man, this last week has been a drag.  It seems like everything has been going wrong lately.  What do I mean?

  • Python 1.4 blows.  There’s a bug in the urllib module.  So the nifty little bit (well, nifty two hours) of coding I did was for naught, at least until the dudes at “Elite Servers” get off their asses and upgrade Python to version 1.5.1.  They’re not very 3l33t at all if you ask me.
  • Combinator parsing really blows.  I can’t seem to get started on this stupid Programming Languages assignment.  It would be easy if I could get past the first 10 percent.  But instead I just drink Gatorade and worry.

gatorade.jpg (15980 bytes)
One afternoon worth of
Gatorade consumption.
I’m not even fucking kidding.

  • I have a cold.  I missed all the parties this weekend and spent the whole time sleeping.  My cold isn’t as bad now, but it has this bizarre and extremely annoying side effect where I’m really really thirsty all the time, even if I drink so much Gatorade that I can’t fit any more into my stomach.

  • I’m a bad plumber.  Erin and Emily’s drain was clogged, so I went over there to try to fix it.  “What did you put in the garbage disposal?”   I ask.  “Well,” they say, “we put some garlic in there, I think.  Some chocolate too.”  I put a bucket under the pipes and start to loosen a fitting.  Pow!  Garlicky-chocolate water spews at high pressure all over my pants.  Finally I remove the pipe, reach in and pull out all of these disgusting wormy chopped-up pasta fragments covered in garlicky chocolate.  I put the pipe back on, but then notice that it was so corroded that it now has a giant gaping hole in it.  Now the drain is no longer clogged, but any water that goes down the drain shoots out into the cabinet.  Yay.

marshmallow.jpg (12558 bytes)
Boo hoo.  Empty.

  • I’m all out of marshmallow fluff.  Now what can I dip my graham crackers into?  Water?  Gatorade?

  • This update sucks.  But I decided that I’ve been focusing too much on quality lately, and not enough on quantity.  When I first started this web page I would just spew whatever crap was in my head at the time.  Then I started putting a little more time and energy and thought into my updates, but doing them less often.  I think I’ll return to a policy of mixing some crappy updates in with the good ones, so that people will lower their expectations and the good updates will seem all that much better.
  • Wesley Willis wasn’t home.  If you do a telephone number lookup on “Wesley Willis” in Chicago, there’s only one guy.  Lisa and I figured it must be him.   So we called his house, but nobody answered.  It would have been nice if he had at least had a cool answering machine message (e.g. “LEAVE A MESSAGE!  LEAVE A MESSAGE!  LEAVE A MESSAGE!”) but no such luck.  I guess we could try again another time.

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