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Lately I’ve been getting into nerdcore/geeksta rap, a unique form of hip hop that is produced by and for nerds. Nerdcore artists range widely in quality, from the incredibly awful to the funny and clever to the truly sublime.

Being a PhD student in Computer Science, my favorite variety of nerdcore is Computer Science Gangsta Rap. I’ve found two artists that fit this category, MC:NP and MC Plus+.

MC:NP is OK, but MC Plus+ is the true champion of this subgenre. He’s a Computer Science PhD student at Purdue, and his lyrics have the wonderful property that you can’t understand all of the jokes unless, like me, you’re a big fan of both Computer Science and Gangsta Rap, since his rhymes frequently reference concepts and terminology from both.

I decided it was time to start up an east coast / west coast Computer Science Gangsta Rap rivalry, so I recorded this dis track that rips on MC Plus+. Spread it around, and maybe it will inspire him to respond in kind.

I was hesitant to insult MC Plus+, because really us Persian Computer Science Gangsta Rappers should probably stick together, but hey, this kind of pointless rivalry is what ends up selling records. If it worked for 50 and Game, maybe it can work for us. There’s also the fact that Purdue isn’t exactly on the east coast… but I think it’s close enough.

Here are my lyrics, for anyone who wants to try puzzling through my confusing jokes that attempt to relate drinking cognac to grammar-based parser generators.

Edible Computing

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Last week I was at CHI 2005 in Portland, Oregon.  CHI is the largest annual conference specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, typically drawing a few thousand attendees.

I gave a talk at the conference where I presented some research I’ve been doing on a new paradigm for Human-Computer Interaction that I call the “Edible User Interface,” or EUI.  Check out the three-minute video of my presentation.

If you’re hungry for more, there’s also my 4-page paper, which will be published in the Extended Abstracts of the conference.

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