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Happy Halloween!  This year I dressed up as Pikachu, that loveable yellow rodent with lightning powers.  We festooned our apartment with spider webs, skeletons, and blinking pumpkin bulbs, and had a killer Halloween party.  I even broke out my new fog machine, and set up some lasers to cut through the smoky vapor.

Coors Lite, I choose you!
Pika, pika.

Ah-may koh-koh, baby.
Kah may-may u-nye.

Last year I dressed up as a Furby for Halloween.  Here’s a tip: chicks dig Furbies big time.

Pool Noodles

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Why you shouldn’t try to purchase pool noodles in bulk online:

Review your order from POOL-TOYS.COM:

Item Unit
Quantity Subtotal

3.95 10 39.50
Shipping  165.04 
Tax  0.00 

I guess that for large items like Styrofoam pool noodles, shipping is computed by size instead of weight.

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