Olive Garden

Posted September 6, 1998 at 8:00 am 2 Comments

The Olive Garden is a great place to eat. I used to think that it was kind of overpriced, but it’s actually quite reasonable provided that you plan your meal carefully. You see, I’m a huge fan of free refills, and the Olive Garden offers free refills not only on soft drinks, but also on fruit juices, breadsticks, garden salad, and even pasta, provided that you order their special “Unlimited Pasta” entree.

monzyeat.jpg (51571 bytes)

Dan at the Olive Garden. Note all of the
empty glasses, representing the free drink
refills that he has consumed.

Here’s the drill:

  • Head to the Olive Garden at around 2:00 PM with a sizeable pack of friends.
  • Order a drink and the unlimited pasta special.
  • Start packing it away! Make sure to keep those refills coming.
  • Stay as long as possible, preferably up to dinnertime, thereby combining two meals into one.
  • The bill: only $8.20 plus tax and gratuity! What a deal. Make sure to leave a nice tip for the poor harried server.


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  1. Terrible, a server makes their income off of tables. Basically, you sit there four hours stuffing your face and in the end leave 3 dollars on an eight dollar check…. WOW! Thanks!Server could have turned that table at least four other times in that 4 hours making her rent, but instead, a scrounge like you takes her table up for hours acting like a pig stuffing your face running her around for 3dollars. Every server knows your kind, can’t stand you, will remember your face and point you out to everyother server! Hmmmmmm……. why is that refill taking so long?

    Comment by kat — April 10, 2006 #

  2. Uh, I didn’t ever actually do this. Those glasses in the picture belonged to my friends. It was just a bad attempt at humor from eight years ago. Seriously, why would I want to spend four hours at Olive Garden?

    Comment by monzy — October 23, 2006 #

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